Recitatif — Ambiguous Race Debate

Side A – Twyla is white, Roberta is black.

Twyla — Caucasian:
– It is misconceived that white youth hate their parents to the point of wanting to “kill” them. Twyla, during her childhood, states that she “could have killed” her mother multiple times when Mary acts in a way by which she is embarrassed.
– It is stereotypical that white people always misinterpret racial movements. When Roberta asks Twyla to join her picketing, Twyla refuses, and decides to protest against her cause.
– White women are perceived to be passive aggressive, which is reflected by Twyla in her encounter with Roberta at Howard Johnson.

Roberta — African-American:
– A misconception of black people is that “they never (wash) their hair” having a negative connotation associated with lack of hygiene. The texture of natural Black hair does not retain moisture, therefore it is not necessary to wash it very often.
– She is familiar with Black musician Jimi Hendrix, unlike Twyla. This would contribute to the stereotype of one exclusively knowing culture of their own race.
– It is stereotypical that black people excessively enjoy eating chicken religiously. Roberta’s mother feeds her chicken in Act I.

Recitatif — Ambiguous Race Debate

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