What can we do to reach gender equality?

The internet allows information to be accessed easily and quickly, for social issues such as gender equality. But, the reason why bigotry is still spread is the lack of an individual’s desire to research a topic themselves and receive information by word-of-mouth. Another reason is ignorance and invalidity, as one wouldn’t believe something if they do not experience it themselves. It is important to know that an individual cannot accept gender equality unless they acknowledge the fact that one cannot be only masculine or only feminine. We must teach boys in their youth to accept their femininity, and teach girls to accept their masculinity. We must break down gender stereotypes, as we force our preconceived notions of gender onto people from their infancy. We must also attempt to reconstruct the common knowledge of gender of older generations, as they teach the younger ones. Ultimately, we must expose that gender does not serve as a base of someone’s worth or position in a society.

What can we do to reach gender equality?

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