TOK Connection CATCHUP (Apr 21-22,25-26)

Thursday April 21st – Is there an afterlife?

Knowledge of an afterlife can never be deduced in physical form because one cannot enter it without leaving their life. Nonetheless, an individual has their own judgement on whether or not life after death is real. Personally, I am on the tipping point of either opinion, because as much as I fear the unknowns that is afterlife, but I also wouldn’t want just my life to be my entirety especially if I don’t live as long as I expect too (knock on wood).

Friday April 22nd – Can you truly know someone?

When one is born, they are completely new, thus they come to create their own identity as they grow older. One cannot discover who they are without the help of an external environment. Also, one is prone to changing over time, so their identity is never concrete. One’s identity is the product of their personal experiences, which are never exactly the same between separate individuals. Although people can come to connect with each other, they can only do so to an extent. Even those who are intimate grow independently. So essentially, one can never truly know someone.

Monday April 25th – Can we really know whether our actions will have the consequences we expect them to have?

One’s conscience allows them to assess the consequences of their every action, but these consequences are only predictions of what could actually happen. The ability to know an action’s consequences also depends on the action itself. If it’s too spontaneous, for example, the outcomes are more uncertain. It also depends on how careful the person acting upon this is. A person can be either filled with anxiety or apathetic with impulsiveness when they do something. The undeniable aftermath of an action is therefore debatable.

Tuesday April 26th – How did the trip help your progress in the English program?

This trip to the Spoken Word Workshop at Harbourfront was a helpful learning experience. It was a great way to practice for our IOC/D. Although I didn’t recite my quickly-written poems (which I’m glad since I was sick), I still was able to share the spotlight with a group for the “Generation _” poems. I think with this workshop, I am one step closer to being ready for my commentary.

TOK Connection CATCHUP (Apr 21-22,25-26)

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